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Wordless Wednesday: Bethany

While Bethany looks for her forever home, she’s been having a great time with our crew. Here are some shots from the past week. She’s available for adoption and looking for a wonderful home! Click here to read more about sweet Bethany. Enjoy the photos :)

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Tag! We’re it!

Woohoo! We were recently tagged with some questions to answer by Laurie, Webster and Daisy from Laurie Bartolo Photography and Chuck and the Collie troop from Collies of the Meadow! If you haven’t been to these can’t-miss blogs, be sure to check them out!

Roory, Chelsea, Scarlett and Harley

Here are our answers. We loved the way Laurie answered for everyone so we thought we would do the same :) Enjoy.

1.  Describe yourself in 7 words. 

Harley: smart, leader, loyal, stubborn, human, active, hunter

Scarlett: cuddly, shy, fast, strong, wiggly, spunky, pointer

Chelsea: playful, mischievous, laid-back, escape artist, soft, lover, adventurous

Roory: dog, social, loud, survivor, tough, affectionate, tiny

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Flattered! Another Award to Share

We are so excited to share another wonderful award we received from our dear friends at Cupcake Speaks! We are absolutely flattered– four awards in one week and this is our second Liebster Award!! Chelsea is throwing her front paws in the air, Scarlett is doing her whole body wiggle and Harley is running in circles! Roory is…well, Roory is sitting on the back of the couch and looking pretty ;)

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Species Reversal

Despite his size, he's still not a cat!

A few months ago, I caught Harley climbing around on Roory’s cat tree. Today I came home and could not find the kitty anywhere. After a few minutes of following the “meows” I found her– in Chelsea’s crate! Seems no one in this house knows if they’re dogs or cats (including me hehe :))

"This is mine now."

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Don’t You Want to Play?

Baby Chelsea loves Roory probably a little too much. She’s about 6 months now and wants to play with everything and everyone. She doesn’t understand that not everything can be played with and not everyone wants to play with her all the time–especially not the cat! It’s a good thing Roory is one tough kitty and tolerates it most of the time :)

Enjoy our photos from the weekend mischief between these two!

What? Did you say something, Roory? Did you say you want to play?

Hey, why are you pulling away? What do you mean you have to be "gentle" with kitties?

Come back! I'm sorry!

Well, I guess that means I can have this thing all to myself! It is a dog bed, after all!

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