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Good Ingredients for Homemade Dog Recipes

Below is a list of beneficial ingredients for dogs. These veggies, fruits and herbs can be put in homemade dog food and treats, mixed in regular dog food or given by themselves as treats. Be sure to feed these in small quantities; significantly altering your dog’s diet or giving too much is a sure way to make your dog sick.


*As always, you should check with your veterinarian before feeding your dog anything new because every dog is different.*

parsley good for dogs

Parsley is great for dogs!

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No Bake Peanut Butter Oat Dog Treats

Here’s a super-easy dog treat recipe that doesn’t require any baking and only 4 ingredients that you most likely have around the kitchen. As always, you should consult your vet before feeding your dog new ingredients because all dogs are different. These mouth-watering treats take minutes to make and are a simple but delicious treat.

dog treats

PB Oat Dog Treats with Cinnamon– YUMM!

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Peanut Butter Honey Dog Treats

These wheat-free dog treats are simple but yummy. Your dogs will go crazy for the peanut butter flavor and you’ll be happy these require only a little effort but are much healthier than store-bought treats! Click here to read about the benefits of a wheat-free diet and then try this mouth-watering recipe for your pups today!

Wheat Free Peanut Butter Dog Treats

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Supplements for Dogs

Adding supplements to your dog’s diet can help maintain healthy skin and coat. Skin and Coat supplements are especially beneficial to dogs with skin allergies or skin irritation/itchy skin. Check out the following supplements and read about the benefits of adding them to your pet’s diet. The most common way to give supplements to your dog is to add it to their food.

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Wheat-Free Crunchy Carrot Stix

Nutritious Carrot Stix treats are a crunchy easy-to-make snack for your pup! Check out the healthy wheat-free recipe below. To read more about the benefits of a wheat-free diet, click here. These treats are super-easy to make and require less than an hour of baking time.

Wheat-Free Carrot Stix

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