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Pool for Dogs

Recently we bought a large vinyl-sided kiddie pool to help rehabilitate our dogs who recently had FHO surgery. We couldn’t take Chelsea to the beach as much as we wanted; when we learned Scarlett also needed FHO surgery and took in a foster puppy in the same condition, we knew we needed a solution! This $20 kiddie pool from WalMart was the answer– and an added backyard perk for Harley, the water bug :)

pool, dogs, dog pool

Our first doggy pool experience.

Swimming is a great post-surgery workout; it strengthens the diminished leg muscles and improves muscle function. Additionally, dogs heal much faster than those who do not swim. At first, we put both Chelsea and Bethany on leashes and walked them around the pool in circles. When they got comfortable, we removed the leashes and let them splash around.

Bethany is still looking for her forever home! Click here to learn more about her!

Click here to watch a YouTube video. Also, be sure to check out our YouTube page for more doggy videos!

fho surgery, fho rehabilitation dog, dogs

Chelsea and Bethany working their leg muscles!

pool, puppy, swim

Such a cutie!!!

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Nietzsche Style Mischief

We just received photos and an update from our last foster dog! We are spoiled with updates about Nietzsche since his forever family happens to be my parents and sister however the photos we received were extra special :) Just by looking at them, we can tell in addition to adoring his new family, Nietzsche is very loved– and also very mischievous! Thanks to my mom for the wonderful photos.

Hi! I love my new family!

Nietzsche with his brother, Ace and my dad

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Tree Hunting

Scarlett and Harley teamed up with intentions of digging up this gigantic tree. No idea what they were going for but it was definitely something! Harley and Scarlett are the hunters of the pack so they’re always trying to get at lizards, ducks, iguanas, junebugs and other “yard invaders”. What do you think they’re doing?

Get it!!!

I'm almost there...

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Wordless Wednesday: Jumping for Joy

Tag! We’re it!

Woohoo! We were recently tagged with some questions to answer by Laurie, Webster and Daisy from Laurie Bartolo Photography and Chuck and the Collie troop from Collies of the Meadow! If you haven’t been to these can’t-miss blogs, be sure to check them out!

Roory, Chelsea, Scarlett and Harley

Here are our answers. We loved the way Laurie answered for everyone so we thought we would do the same :) Enjoy.

1.  Describe yourself in 7 words. 

Harley: smart, leader, loyal, stubborn, human, active, hunter

Scarlett: cuddly, shy, fast, strong, wiggly, spunky, pointer

Chelsea: playful, mischievous, laid-back, escape artist, soft, lover, adventurous

Roory: dog, social, loud, survivor, tough, affectionate, tiny

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