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Nietzsche Style Mischief

We just received photos and an update from our last foster dog! We are spoiled with updates about Nietzsche since his forever family happens to be my parents and sister however the photos we received were extra special :) Just by looking at them, we can tell in addition to adoring his new family, Nietzsche is very lovedРand also very mischievous! Thanks to my mom for the wonderful photos.

Hi! I love my new family!

Nietzsche with his brother, Ace and my dad

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Adverse Flea Med Reaction

My mom sent me a message today about her baby, two-year-old Maltipoo, Ace. He contracted a terrible skin bacteria infection from his Frontline Flea and Tick medicine. He takes it monthly and has never had a negative reaction until this last time. Ace had a tiny, red patch where the flea medicine was applied the day after the application. The vet told my mom it should go away but within two days, it was considerably worse. She took him in and it turns out, the area was badly infected and required antibiotics. Here are some pictures, so you get an idea what it looks like and what to look out for if your dogs take topical flea/tick medicine.

Ace in the flower bed.

Ace's infected area on the back of his neck.

Poor little Acie! He has medicine and is feeling much better now.

Our dogs take Comfortis, a flea/tick medicine in pill form. I fished out one of their old packages of topical K9 Advantix that states, “Individual sensitivies, while rare, may occur after using ANY pesticide product for pets.” While obviously true, my mom thought nothing of these warnings since Ace received the same medicine for months without any problems. Have your dogs ever had an adverse reaction to topical flea medicine?

Bottom line, if your dog experiences a bad reaction to flea medicine, take him or her to the vet and get it treated immediately!

Good Dog Weekend

The pups took a trip to South Carolina with us for the weekend and stayed with their grandparents. Here are some pictures from the pup-filled weekend, with six dogs under one roof. They had a wonderful time!

Ace, Scarlett and Chelsea relaxing in the backyard.

Chelsea and Ace are the same size.

Patrick, Chelsea and Scarlett.

The dogs love the flowerbeds however we have to be especially careful and watch them at all times because the palms are Sago palms and they can be harmful to pups!

Chelsea and Harley in SC.

Sweet Brandy girl, my parents' Miniature Schanuzer.

Little Brandy; Patrick in the background.

Chelsea and Scarlett are best buddies.

We're sleepy!

Still sleepy all the way home.

Did you have a doggy-filled weekend, too?¬†We’d love to hear about it!

The Weekend Ahead

My boyfriend playing with Harley in SC.

My parents pups, Patrick the Wheaten Terrier and Ace, the maltipoo next to Harley. Bella is the Maltipoo in front; she belongs to my best friend.

Belly rubs for Patrick.

Ace in the flowerbed.

Tomorrow, our pups get to come on a roadtrip to SC with us for the weekend. When the pups get to stay with their grandparents they live the good life. From healthy food, lots of green space to run, more dogs and people to play with and a beach nearby, life could not get much better! They love playing with their extended dog family: Brandy, the Miniature Schnauzer, Patrick, the Wheaten Terrier, and Ace, the Maltipoo. Should be a fun weekend for the pups :D